I wish I had met Dr Clunie 20 years ago, as he has greatly improved my quality of life, pain & symptoms due to a correct diagnosis. His in-depth knowledge and ability to listen and interact with a patient is the best I have been exposed to in the many years of consultant care. Can’t thank him enough for his outstanding professionalism.
— Mrs S.

Age 78 having had, what was diagnosed as Rheumatoid Arthritis 24 years ago has recently been re-diagnosed as Psoriatic Arthritis by Dr Clunie. I am very pleased to find someone who is extremely thorough and goes to the nth degree and now giving me additional treatment to treat this irritating disease.
— Mrs M. Age 78y

Over the years I have from time to time needed to seek the help and expertise of Dr Gavin Clunie. I can honestly say that I have received excellent and expert advice regarding rheumatology issues. I have no hesitation in recommending Dr Clunie. Both he and his staff are extremely kind, competent and efficient.
— Mr B.

Dr Clunie made sure I had a clear understanding of my condition and suggested a very thorought treatment plan. There were many ups and downs but with his sympathetic and caring approach I am still active into my eighties
— Mrs S.